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making usb ssd or hdd a dynamic disc for use in acronis true image

Hi, I want to install a new ssd instead of the hdd that came with my new laptop, HP envy 15.

But since my hp recovery dvd wont work on my ssd I put in the laptop I need to create a usb boot hdd with a image of the original C: then switch the old hdd to the new sdd, boot from the usb hdd and recover the copied c: to the ssd.

But I cannot create a usb boot drive because it is set as "basic" and not a removable media, a "dynamic device" this can be changed in disk manager but does not work for me, I get an error message that "the operation is not supported by the object"

Someone told me this could simply be because I am using a laptop and programs such as acronis get confused with usb hdd. Could that be true? sound weird as obviously people have done this before me...

Please help me, I am all out of ideas!

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Hello, I would like to let you know that regular imaging software to back up or restore information from a regular hard drive to an Solid State Drive will not work since this type of software was not meant to work using Solid State Drives, SSD's work in a very different way than a regular Hard drive so they won't work.

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Had the same problem. Acronis does not recognoze the ITNEL x25-m SSD. I gave up and the SSD is notw in the dustbin. I found out (too late) that even Intel reconizes this problem of non-recognotion. I still want to migrate my Asus UL30 notebook to SSD but seeking a suitable hardware/software combination.


Have you tried the Intel Data Migration Software available at; ?

If not, give it a try. There is a user guide availabe for download too that will walk you through the steps.