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ntel® X25-M Solid-State Drive, 80GB SATA II 2.5in Not Recognized in Win7 64bit

Hello all. I bought this drive a few months ago. I had no problem installing and formatting using a dock. I then put the drive in an external enclosure, with no problems. I have since used it for multimedia on my laptop as well as on a Raspberry Pi.

Tonight, I connected it to my PC to add a movie to it. I did that with no issues. I then reconnected to my Raspberry Pi, but it was not recognized. I then reconnected the drive to my laptop and it was not recognized there, either. I removed the drive from the enclosure and placed it in the dock. Still not recognized, so that rules out the enclosure. Placed the drive in different USB ports and that didn't help, either. Now, I did notice that an additional drive letter appeared when I connected the drive to my laptop, but I can't access it. I get L:\ not accessible. The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable. Not sure what to try next. I'd like to recover the files on the drive. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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