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problem after re-instal software instal on vista


I erase the backup and recovery software because of some problems on my computer.

when i re-instal (or instal for the second time) the software on the same computer, it's not working.

whane i read the dsksafe log :

2010-08-23 16:15:44.670 (T2684) |R| **************** DiskSafe service started(PC-DE-USER), build Number: 663 **************


2010-08-23 16:15:44.686 (T2684) |R| DiskSafe installed directory: C:\backup and recovery


2010-08-23 16:15:44.686 (T2684) |R| Trace level: 1


2010-08-23 16:15:44.686 (T2684) |R| System root is C:\windows


2010-08-23 16:15:44.686 (T2684) |R| OS doesn't enabled PXE boot in last boot operation(6FFC0040), no need to reset last boot timemark


2010-08-23 16:15:44.686 (T2684) |R| Network environment is not changed from PXE module


2010-08-23 16:15:44.686 (T2684) |R| Platform: , Service Pack 2


2010-08-23 16:15:44.686 (T2684) |E| Failed to load IMA module C:\Program Files\IMA\iscmlib.dll


2010-08-23 16:15:44.686 (T2684) |R| There is no valid license for DiskSafe, exit...

the problem is : i don't know where i can put the license key, because the software installation hasn't ask me for.....

i don't understand what is : Network environment is not changed from PXE module ????

plase someone could help me ????

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New Contributor II

Hello, I would like to let you know that the problem that you have related with the license number and the PXE boot, are not related with the Solid state drive, unfortunately this Disksave software is out of our scope of support, I suggest to contact the software manufacture for further assistance.