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ssd 335 periodically fails on high loads


I have a strange problem with my ssdsc2ct180a4 (OS is Windows 10, installed on this SSD).

When some app accesses the SSD intensively, it "fails": no data can be read or written, and the SSD is not visible after reboot (via the reboot button). However it becomes functional again after I power off an then power on my pc.

A few months ago i found a partial solution - I moved the most aggressive app (that was google chrome) to a RAM disk. Since then, until yesterday, my system worked properly, but yesterday this trouble appeared again. I wasn't able to even start my pc - it "stalled" in about 10-20 seconds after windows login. Today, however, the SSD works properly.

I have the Toolbox installed, and the SSD firmware is up to date.

Here is the SMART screenshot:

How can I deal with this problem?


I hope my description was clear enough and thanks for your help.
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In this particular case, We were wondering if you could send us the SMART details logs as well as the logs, if possible, before the issue occurs.

You can also run the Intel® System Support Utility and extract the logs so we can have more information on your system in order to help you. Here is the link: Download Intel® System Support Utility