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ssd 750 1.2 (slow) .. .jpg


Is this really performance? It is very, very slow I do not know what the reason Compared to ssd samsong Much better

What do I do about it , I ask for help as soon as possible

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Hello reymond,

Performance evaluation can be affected by many factors, unfortunately, the information shown in the AS SSD benchmark results is not enough to determine if there are any issue with the drive or not.

It is good to mention that the Intel® SSD 750 Series is optimized for performance in multi-core systems, the advertised results are obtained using Queue Depth 32 and 4 threads (workers). You can find more information about benchmarking and expected performance in the following documents: Intel® SSD 750 Series — Performance Evaluation Guide Intel® SSD 750 Series Product Specification

Other users have been able to improve their test results by modifying the test parameters or using newer tools. Also, it always recommended to keep your BIOS, NVMe drivers and SSD firmware up to date. Here are some threads that discuss this topic as well:

Please check the information in the previous links and let us know if this helps.

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