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ssd optimization not included in manuals?

nowhere was ahci mode mentioned in the manuals i received with my new 320 ssd. also not mentioned was the importance of the Rapid Storage Technology drivers in the manual. instead, the installation is really dumbed down, similiar to installtion instructions of a regular hdd.

the laymen buying these drives would not bring out the drives' potential if they don't do their research. the manuals are friggin useless. in addition, the ssd new users guide points to a dead link of the 9.6 driver. searching for 'Rapid Storage Technology' in intel's driver search for win7x64 points to friggin 9 drivers. which one am i supposed to friggin download?

11/11/2011, Would this be the right one? I do have an P35-ICH9R chipset motherboard motherboard. as you could tell, i'm frustrated. please help.

thank you

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