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unknown SMART value/error SSD X25-M


I am using two X25-M SSDs in my Notebook. One of them shows an SMART value, starting a vew days ago, which I do not know. The drive is working without problems so fare. But the SSD Toolbox and the Rapid-Storage-Tool is showing me this error. I would like to know weather this is a serious or minor problem/defekt.

The Entry is:

B8, End-to-End Error Detection Count, 441, 1, 90, Wenden Sie sich an Ihren Fachhändler oder Vertreter bei Intel, wenn Sie Hilfe benötigen.

Does anybody have an idea and can help me, please?

Best Regards

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Hello instinkt,

It seems that your SSD is showing signs of aging, since it has the following SMART counters:

End-to-End Error Detection Count. Raw 441, Normalized 1.


Reports the number of errors encountered during Logical Block Address (LBA) tag checks within the SSD data path. The normalized value begins at 100 and decrements by 1 for each LBA tag mismatch detected. The threshold value is 90.

Re-allocated Sector Count: Raw 3.


The raw value shows the number of retired blocks since leaving the factory (grown defect count).

It would be recommended to back up any important data that you may have on it. It may continue to work, however, the error counters mostly likely will continue to increase.

You can check the warranty coverage for your Intel® SSD in the following website: Warranty Center

Also, you can go to Contact Support and check the options available to engage a support representative in your region.