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what drivers for clean install of windows


Hi all

I'm doing a fresh install of Windows 10 on a Lenovo yoga 500 but it's not showing a partition so i need the drivers to set it up, but i don't know which to choose.

Thanks in advance 

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This is a question for Microsoft.  You need to contact them for OS install support.

Now, if you create the install media from the Microsoft site, and do a custom install, where you delete ALL PARTITIONS on the install drive, and install the OS on that unallocated space, W10 will have all, or most all, drivers that you need.

Whatever the case, this is not an Intel issue.


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What kind of drive are you trying to install Windows on, NVMe or SATA?

If it is an NVMe drive (or SATA drive that will be used in combination with an NVMe drive), then you need to ensure that you are enabling and using UEFI Boot.

If there is any possibility that the drive has a Legacy (MBR) partition table, then you need to delete *all* partitions on the drive so that the installer knows to create a new UEFI (GPT) partition table.

Have you enabled RAID or Optane in the BIOS? This too could cause you problems like this.

Hope this helps,