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x25-m 160gb am I all set up with Trim? confirmation needed

Hello, I recently just built a clean new PC with windows 7.

I am just looking for a confirmation that everything is working well and Trim is ok??

I installed my x25-m 160gig SSD (just a solo drive in AHCI) and windows7. I had to disable Defrag, Superfetch, Prefetch, Indexing and ReadyBoot manually win7 did not do it for me.

I updated Firmware to (02HD). The drive is in Ultra DMA Mode 6. I have not tried updating the Driver yet, just using what Win7 gave me by default is showing Microsoft 6.1.7600.16385.

CrystalDiskInfo is showing Trim is supported

Fsutil behavior query disable deletenotify shows = 0


SEQ READ = 257.58mb/s WRITE = 103.11mb/s

4K READ = 22.17mb/s WRITE = 43.30mb/s

4K-64Thrd READ = 151.96mb/s WRITE = 67.26mb/s

Acc.time READ = 0.072ms WRITE = 0.106ms

SCORE 200 121


Am I all dialed in and good to go with TRIM and good speeds??

Should I bother trying to change over to INTEL RST Drivers? or try to windows update my MS-AHCI drivers?

Thanks very much

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My method to confirm TRIM was working was to install the Intel toolbox and run the TRIM command there (aka the SSD optimiser) after I had used the disk normally (or create some fake use). After a week's use here of deleting , creating, editing etc., I ran the utility and it manually trimmed the drive in.... 0 seconds. In other words, from my readings of others using the utility, I believe it normally takes a few minutes to do so in a configuration where the drive does not have automatic TRIM from the drivers. If it takes literally no time, then you can be rest assured the Microsoft native AHCI driver is doing its job.

In regards to disabling those programs/services:

Defrag - did you just check to see if the service was disabled? or did you just open the disk defragmenter and see that your C:\ (SSD) is listed in the main window? Because you need to go further than that to check if it has been disabled; you need to delve into the disk defragmenter schedule and you will probably find that under the disk schedule, your SSD isn't listed at all there, hence won't be defragmented. If you have other mechanical disks, you will benefit from leaving defrag running.

Superfetch/prefetch - does nothing to harm your SSD. It simply utilises your ram more effectively.

Indexing - whilst acces times on SSDs are low, it's not going to hurt it again, but I can understand people disabling this. I haven't

ReadyBoot - an interesting one and I think it's somewhat better to leave on after reading a blog on microsoft.

IMO, do not subscribe to the belief you are going to wear out your drive by leaving some of these features on. for example, the page file. I think there's a 4 or 6 GB page file on my SSD, and I have no worries about leaving it on. It's what SSDs are best at, and if you are really worried about how much data is being written, you can keep track of it via the SMART info. I've done about 13GB in 5 days, which is nothing, and I'd consider it pretty heavy use!

Your benchmarks look as expected for a 160GB model.

Regarding trying to change to RST drivers, if you are game, go ahead. If you prefer to wait until they are official and want the least amount of possible headaches, then hold up upgrading until they are officially released. I'm no genie, but i think it wont belong until they are officially released.

Fortunately from an Intel perspective, their drives perform pretty well under the native Win7 driver, so there's not an insane rush to get their own native-TRIM storage drivers out. In the end, this is best, if they take their time and get it right, first time.

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Thanks for the reply Ozz,

Maybe I will download Intel Toolbox just to make sure im TRIM.

Im currently not on my new computer right now,

Im pretty sure I disabled defrag/superfetch etc... in services and in the registry. I will check later just to make sure because I forgot about the defrag scheduler. This SSD is my only drive, I have no other disks.

About readyboot, I believe there is another process/service called ReadyBOOST and thats the one I believe you should not disable. Havent had any problems with readyboot disabled yet but ill post back if I have some.

I have 6gig of good ram, I didnt disable the page file, just set it to 600mb. I think that should be ok?

Im sure I will switch to the RST drivers once I hear everything is guaranteed smooth