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x25-m, winxp pro with high disk queue length (32+) creates pauses


I have a Dell D620 with 4GB RAM running WinXP Pro (SP3) 32-bit which has an Intel(R) 82801GBM I/O controller hub (ICH7M). I have one 80GB X25-M and it has the current firmware from Intel (045C8820).

I am experiencing pausing (isn't everyone with an SSD?!) where the drive activity light stays on continuously for several seconds.

The performance monitor shows the Current Disk Queue Length counter for both the Physical Disk and the Logical Disk on the X25-M exceeding 32 during these pauses, and then abruptly goes back to 1 (ending the pause).

I am seeking input from those more experienced than myself about where to start with this. I tried to find updated drivers for the I/O controller, both on the web and on, without much luck.

I do not use a swapfile and do not generally have a lot of applications open when this occurs. We have a corporate copy of Symantec Anti-Virus which I cannot disable, however, the CPU remains at zero during these pauses, so my suspicion is that it is not caused by an application.

Any insight will be greatly appreciated,

-- /v\atthew

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Desperation drove me to follow the advice of PC Perspective and HDDErase the drive.

I came here to report that (at least for right now) it is behaving better. I re-ran the exact same invocation from Friday and it did not stutter, and the maximum disk queue length was 2 (and it never paused).

It is exceedingly disappointing to have to wipe and restore a drive, but it may prove beneficial for those who are experiencing similar pains.