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4965 - 6200 WEP Issues with newer drivers

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I manage about 700 tablet laptops from Toshiba and Lenovo for a K-12 school. We reimage the machines each summer. This summer after reimaging which included the latest 14.X or 15.X drivers several of our students began having home wireless issues. The issues ranged from total inability to connect to not passing traffic to simply not being able to browse (broadcast) for wireless printer. In all cases so far we have found that the students were using WEP at home. In those cases where they have switched to WPA(2) the problems have resolved. While I like getting people to newer more secure and potentially faster connections it has annoyed some parents that they had to do this. I was wondering if anyone else has seen similar or had any ideas what is going on. It seems to affect machines with 4965 and newer Centrino WiFi cards up to and including the latest 6205 models in this summers machines.

Brian Hoyt

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Thank you for your post Brian,

Unfortunately the issue that you describe is not a known issue, but since you have so many laptops from two different manufacturers and use the same image, you might want to try one of these laptops and install with a "clean" (not re-imaged) Operating System and then loading the drivers manually; this to rule out the image from being corrupted.

If the issue persists please reply again to this thread to assist you further.

I hope this helps.

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Each model of machine has its own image so it is happening across images. Also the utilities are very different from Toshiba to Lenovo so I am not sure how much in common there is.

The next student that comes in I will try to and see if I can get testing done with generic image. It is a little tough since it is a personal home to do much testing though. Thanks for getting back to me, I just wanted to see if there was a known WEP issue with these newer drivers.