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4965 Software will not stay turned off

I am using a 4965AGN adapter. I need to allow Windows to handle wireless connectivity because our company utilizes a wireless access point that authenticates using GPO. The Intel software will not work with Group Policy authentication. With older versions of the Intel software we could simply turn it off and it remained turned off even when the machine was rebooted. This new software will not stay off so every time a machine boots the end user must manually tell it to turn off before a wireless connection is possible. I worked with one of the Intel chat engineers. Completely uninstalled and re-installed the software and driver and deleted all the Intel directories but no luck. If I install just the Intel driver it still will not allow Windows to control wireless networking. If I install the driver and software it won't remain turned off. Will older versions of the Intel software work with this adapter? If so what is the oldest version available? The adapter is basically useless as is because it completely defeats the automatic connection available via our GPO configuration. If the older software will allow us to turn it off we need to move in that direction. Thanks !!!

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Please follow these steps:

1)On a clean WinXP machine, only install WiFi driver.

2)Verify if Windows wireless utility is in control. If not.....continue

3)Go to Windows Services and verify that 'Wireless Zero Configuration' service is running. If not, start the service and modify its startup type to 'Automatic'.

4)Now go to bottom right corner of your desktop window and 'dbl-clk' on windows networking icon. This will pop-up a new window. If you are not able to see wireless scan list, clk on 'Change Advanced Settings' in the Left pane.

5)You will see a networking properties window with 3 tabs. Clk on 'Wireless Networks' and enable 'Use Windows to configure my......' check box. clk OK.

6)Now you should be able to use Windows utility.

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