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8260 wireless adapter - Miracast freezes and sometimes randomly slows down net speed below 1mbps

  • When I'm casting my screen onto my TV, my wifi connection speed on the tablet I use slows down to between 50-60mbps from 400, however, the real problem is that it frequently drops below 1 or even to 0 for minutes at a time, making it impossible to browse the web and miracast at the same time.
  • I'm regularly disconnected from my router when using miracast.
  • The connection between my tablet and TV randomly freezes in a strange way, everything on screen becomes unresponsive and I also don't get any sound when this happens, however, the pointer does not freeze, so I'm definitely not disconnected.
  • Sometimes small parts of my screen turn pink indicating data loss.



I don't necessarily experience these things at the same time, for all I know, they could even be unrelated.



Things that I've tried so far:

-Updating my wireless adapter driver.

-Updating my bios (just to be sure)

-Turning off RSC

-Disabling power saving for my adapter

-Checking the wireless connection log. There were no errors recorded whatsoever. 


I also tested it with another laptop that has an 8265 adapter, and I got similar results. Managed to reproduce 2/4 problems in a brief amount of time (the internet slowdown and pink patches on the screen).

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Contact Microsoft regarding Miracast support.




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I did contact them but they are yet to find out what's causing it. It goes without saying that an OS is necessary for using an adapter so I don't think it's a stretch to ask for help from the adapter's manufacturer regardless of what's causing it. It's also plenty possible that the problem's with the driver.

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Hello ABogn1,


Thank you for posting on the Intel® communities.


I was checking this thread and I would like to mention that the information provided by Al.Hill is correct.


It is worth mentioning that Miracast* is no longer supported and support should be addressed to your Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM, PC-laptop manufacturer) or Microsoft® support, and in the case that a driver issue would be found, the OEM/Microsoft will determine root cause and work internally with Intel.


For more information, please refer to Using Miracast* with Windows 8.1* and Windows® 10



We will proceed to close this inquiry.


Andrew G.

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