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AC 7260 5GHz Crashing


So my Gigabyte GA-H87N-WIFI motherboard came with the Intel AC 7260 wifi card.

Everything works fine and connection is stable and does not drop.

However, once in a while (maybe once 1-2 weeks). The card's 5GHz band will crash and the card can only receive 2.4GHz APs.

I can fix it by disabling and re-enabling the card or restarting the computer. then it will be fine again.

My wifi router is a Cisco EA3200, I have a laptop with the Intel 6300 card and this does not happen so I'm guessing something is up with the 7260 adapter?

Also after updating to the latest drivers, my wifi signal seems to be way lower for some reason. (16.6 was all 5 bars 16.10 is 1-2bars at most)

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You might have some power management issues there but it maybe just some Windows settings in conflict with your 7260. Mine never crashes the 5 GHz band on my laptop . I'm using the 16.8 drivers from Dell as 16.10 is a bit slower while 16.6 is slow at 2.4 GHz band.