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AC 7260 disconnects randomly?


I recently purchased an Asus ROG G751JY (in June of 2015), which is a very high end laptop which has been great, for the most part, except for recently, as I have started noticing some random disconnects that is making online gaming (the primary purpose of the machine) all but impossible.

It first started happening when playing World of Tanks or World of Warships. I would be in -game, and then all of the sudden the tank would stop moving although I would still be able to move the turret, make sounds as if the engine were engaging, fire the gun (but couldn't see the gun fire - just hear it). The tank would be stationary for up to a minute or two and then, all of the sudden, the game would re-engage, with my tank on the other end of the map in a smoking heap of slag, having been killed by enemy gunfire.

World of Warships is worse as it simply completely disconnects randomly and then kicks me to the login screen. It is completely random when this might happen, but it does happen consistently, if that makes any sense.

I have recently noticed that the Wi-Fi will completely disconnect for no apparent reason. For example, having left the computer unattended for 2-3 hours downloading something in the background, I will come back to it connected to the wireless access point, but with no internet connection. Even just now as I type this, my internet connection 'hung' while it was attempting to auto-save online. The only way to get the internet connection back is to restart the computer.

It consistently loses the connection when left to its own devices.

I do not have any problems with this computer whatsoever when playing offline games such as the witcher 3, GTAV, Rome II: Total War and others; just online games.

Thus, I do believe the problem lies with my Intel Dual Band AC-7260 wireless NIC. Moreover, this seems to be a relatively major problem experienced by many other users across the community. If anyone has any experience with this and can help, I am all ears.

Many thanks in advance (DXDiag attached)

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I will come back to it connected to the wireless access point, but with no internet connection. Even just now as I type this, my internet connection 'hung' while it was attempting to auto-save online

Same here.

I need force disconnect and reconnect to wi-fi without rebooting.

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And does doing this provide you with any kind of lasting solution or is it rather just a temporary salve?

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I have a Dell 7537 (2013) with AC 7260, win10 ver 1607 OS 14393.351

My AC 7260 was loosing connection within an hour using driver 18.33.-.- Most recent was the update 19.20, but that made it just worse.

followed all kinds of advice but nothing worked, to include reseat the battery, the reseat AC 7260 and antenna itself, change Advanced settings in property. change battery setting in laptop. All other laptops (DELLs), smart devices hook into AC without a problem.

Using N protocol seemed to work, but I bought an AC so, lets get this thing working.

Finally the only thing that is making it work now is the full REMOVAL of intel pro wireless driver and the new Bluetooth pro install. This took 4 restarts to find all the intel pro wireless drivers that were hiding in the hard drive.

4th restart, windows found basic driver when I went to device manager to install AC 7260. No online updates were made. This was done off line.

I am using version

date: 2/22.2015

driver provider is intel.

Power mgnt is unchecked.

battery is always on, checked. (its plugged in most of the time and when I travel with it, I turn it completely off)

lid closed only turns screen off, checked.

Hope this helps figure out what is wrong with current drivers working with windows.

Please fix this issue,


UPDATE 48 hrs later

It is still up and no disconnects. Kinda surprised that it is working.

speed avg. 800 Mbps one room away from router Dlink DIR 880L Firm 1.07WW

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