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AC-7265 (NUC) / Win 10 Pro / Driver 18.20.09 NDIS 10400 Resets


Hello all -

I have two NUC5i3RYH with integrated AC-7265 wireless. Both of these devices are running Windows 10 Pro x64 and both are connecting to a Cisco WAP371.

Both have problems staying connected to the network. They show messages in the Windows logs of NDIS, number 10400, the driver requested a reset.

Our environment is a large open room where one of these devices is about 20 feet from the ceiling mounted AP - this one is more tolerant and appears to get itself working properly after only a few resets, the other device, however, is about 30 feet away and gets itself into a cycle of constant resets resulting in a useless wireless connection. I can't believe it would be related to signal strength at such short ranges without obstruction. (Especially as we have many other devices which work fine on the wireless network)

I verified this morning that both devices are on the most current driver available from Intel, 18.20.09, dated 8/23/15 from Microsoft Update but also dated 9/9/15 from Intel.

Any advice in solving this problem would be appreciated.

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Hello slykens,

Please apply the following actions:

- Check for Windows* OS updates.

- Follow these actions to do a clean install of the adapter's drivers:

1. Obtain the WiFi drivers from: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/25281/Intel-PROSet-Wireless-Software-for-Windows-10 Download Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software for Windows® 10


2. Go to Control Panel - Programs and Features and Uninstall "Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software", if it is installed. When prompted, choose the option to "Discard settings".


3. In Control Panel - Device Manager - Network Adapters, right click on the Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265 and Uninstall it. Make sure you mark the option to "Delete the driver software for this device".


4. Reboot the PC or scan for hardware changes, check device manager again and if an older driver is detected and installed, repeat the actions to uninstall and delete it as well. Repeat this process until the OS is using the in-box driver and does not allow deleting it.


5. Install the Intel® Wireless driver. During the first steps of PROSet/Wireless installation, you can customize the installation and install all driver components.

- If the issue persists, apply the configuration from the advisory: http://www.intel.com/support/wireless/sb/CS-030709.htm Wireless Networking — What are the Recommended Settings for 802.11n Connectivity?