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AC7260 M.2 NGFF Horribly Slow



I am having issues with my AC7260. I see most users report that they have ping issues, but I never really see anything about overall connection speed. I recently purchased a new MSI Ghost Pro 052. This came with the M.2 form factor of this card and hasn't really been working very well from the start. I've done various speedtests and can confirm that it's not my AP as others in my household have no issues. Usually my download speed is around 4-6mbps and upload at around 20mbps, but sometimes lower, at 7mbps. My brother has his laptop in the same room as I and he gets around 40-70mbps on his Killer Wireless 1102n (I think). I should also mention that I'm on Windows 8.1 64-bit.

I was thinking of buying a Killer card to replace this one, but I realize that Killer doesn't make their card in this M.2 form factor... so I'm kind of SOL there and need to find a way to make this AC7260 work. I have the latest 17.12 drivers, though MSI doesn't carry them right now. I've tried various drivers and nothing seems to want to give me good download speeds. I've ping'd my router as well. All requests come back at 1ms with no latency issues like some users are reporting. Also, users are reporting connection drops. I maintain my connection fine, but when I try to do a Skype call, the call drops out and lags horribly. Online gaming is near impossible as well.

One thing I found kind of odd was that in the Advanced settings for it, I can only select 20mhz as the Channel Width. 40mhz is never there, even though it should be as my router (ASUS RT AC66U) is broadcasting the 5ghz band. Any advice on this?

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I was doing some more testing and found that close to the router (like 8 feet away), I got about 80mbps, but that's to be expected. I know the card isn't broken, but it must have issues with range or something. 10 more feet away from that, upstairs, and all the sudden my 2.4ghz speed is 4mbps and 5ghz is non-existent (around .2mbps). This makes no sense at all. As I mentioned before, my brother's laptop, running on the Killer gets 40mbps in the same location. Another thing I did out of frustration is uninstalled the ProSet software and drivers, reboot, and let Windows 8.1 install its own. After that I did another test and my wifi speeds near the router were at 113mbps. Well, yeah that's great, but what's the point of having wireless if I have to be next to the router? I might as well just plug into the ethernet then. I've yet to test the default Windows 8.1 drivers in my room again. I'll report back when I do. I'm still looking for advice on this. I'm seriously thinking of just buying an external USB adapter, even though I really don't want to. It seems unnecessary though. I don't understand how (if it IS a driver issue) how you could release hardware without having working drivers. It boggles me...


Hi АлексейX0,

We have been working on different threads about this issue. I recommend you posting this on the following thread:

/thread/44899?start=225&tstart=0 https://communities.intel.com/thread/44899?start=225&tstart=0

Kevin M


Hi kevin_intel,

Thank you. I will.

I was actually going to at first, but thought that maybe it should be a different thread entirely since I'm not experiencing quite the same issues.