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AC7265 Bluetooth cutting / interference sound


I have an ASUS UX303UB and am having lots of issues with the Bluetooth. It finds the device, connects to it, but then the sound is horrible - it keeps cutting it, I can barely hear anything. I have updated all drivers, uninstalled and installed the drivers....nothing. I have tried two different headphones and same exactly behavior. The same headphones work without any issues on my Surface pro 3, Surface RT, Android S5 and Windows Phone. My question is if this is an issue with hardware that I should send the computer back to manufacturer or driver?

Thanks in advance for your time and attention.


Windows 10 64bit

Driver Versions:

Intel Wireless Bluetooth: 17.1.1532.1814

Intel Dual Band Wireless AC7265:

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Before we go any further it is important to understand that Bluetooth* connection has short range and therefore it is susceptbale to interferences and a clear signal path is needed for a successful and harmonious connection when streaming music. Some sourse of intefereces can be related to the following:

1. Microwave oven: Using your microwave oven near your computer, Bluetooth device, or Wi-Fi base station may cause interference.

2. Direct Satellite Service or (DSS): The coax cable and connectors used with certain types of satellite dishes may cause interference. Check the cable for damage and obtain newer cables if you suspect RF leakage issues.

3. Also, certain external electrical sources such as power lines, electrical railroad tracks, and power stations.

4. 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz phones: A cordless telephone that operates in this range may cause interference with wireless devices or networks when used.

Could you please confirm if you have any these scenarios?

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