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AX211NGW | Asus Strix G533ZX | Windows 11 10.0.22000 Build 22000 | Driver Issues


Dear Intel Community,

I've got a new Asus Strix G533 but I've been running into issues with my Intel AX211NGW wireless/bluetooth chip.

It started randomly with my Bluetooth dissapearing. I immediately checked for updates and checked my available drivers on Asus/Intel. I verified that my BIOS is current/up-to-date.

I installed my Intel BT drivers: BT-22.160.0-32-64UWD-Win10-Win11.
Restarted my pc and noticed the Bluetooth was back.

The wi-fi was now missing. Device manager showed that my "network device" was unknown and unable to be installed. So I went and installed my Intel Wireless drivers: WiFi-22.160.0-Driver64-Win10-Win11.

Bluetooth dissapeared and no more wi-fi still. 

At this stage I was thinking it must be either a Windows 11 compatability issue, or a physical issue with the chip.

I re-installed Windows as a clean install. Only to see painfully that I had no more bluetooth or wi-fi. 

I searched everywhere for advice and a fix, I even used the "MyAsus" utility for support, but this didn't help.

Eventually I opened the machine up and manually re-seated the wireless/bt chip, as well as making sure that the connector cables were securely seated.

*My job handles server hardware/deployement/troubleshooting so I had the right tools.

Once I rebooted the pc it came back with wi-fi working good as new, however my Bluetooth is still missing, and I'm afraid installing my Bluetooth with screw it up again

Does anyone know what exact "driver" or "drivers" I need to get this chip to work correctly? My gut feeling is this is a faulty chip and should be replaced.

Any support from the community would be greatly appreciated.

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Somewhat relieved to discover I am not the only one with this issue but disappointed that nobody (inc Intel) has picked up on this. Surely we cannot be the only two utilising this module? Did you notice whether or not the drivers (despite being installed) are not listed in the driver availability list when installing new hardware.. the 201.xx version is but the 211.xx version was not visible.                                                      

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