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Am I crazy? My Intel N-7260 used to connect to 5G networks but now it doesn't, why? Can I fix it?


Hi, this will be a bit long but I think requires plenty of info.


I have Lenovo Thinkpad E440 Win 10 64 with Intel Wireless N-7260 (according to device manager) and driver and an hour ago I was trying to mirror laptop screen to Vizio TV with Chromecast integrated. I had mirrored this PC's screen to a TV, Chromecast, Roku before but I noticed since some months ago, the process of doing this changed, it used to be like a blue app where you did all the mirroring process (Yes, still Win1064). I don't know since when it changed to the:


Win + P, connect to wireless display" or 

Devices > Add bluetooth or other devices>Wireless etc....


but I noticed it never worked again since the change. When I click Add Device > The middle option Wireless screen/projector whatever (I don't know what it says exactly bc my Win is in spanish) the TV doesn't show up BUT IT DOES show in the Add Device > the third option "Everything else" (Xbox controller etc) but I connect to it and it doesn't mirror or anything.




I wondered if maybe I was crazy and my adapter has never been compatible with 5G and it was a 2.4ghz only adapter, I read a lot online and thought it was display and/or wireless drivers fault, updated display with official Intel Update tool and website, Wireless said it was up to date, there was only a update for the Bluetooth, I did it. TV still didn't show up as mirroring device. Tried uninstalling the wireless driver entirely (delete driver files checkbox) and all other drivers in the "Wireless Adaptors" category in devices manager. Windows reinstalled driver and tried to connect to my 5G wifi network and it was not showing in the list, only normal 2.4Ghz nets, reboot, uninstall driver again, reboot autoinstall form windows, nothing.


Tried downloading the driver from intel website, uninstall, install driver pack manually, nothing. Tried driver package from Lenovo website for latest OS, it says "Intel Wireless 7260 driver for Windows 8.1" (They don't have a Win1064 driver for that adapter), clean install, nothing. Nor the TV was showing for mirroring nor did the 5G nets show in wifi.


I opened laptop and checked my part number label and it says FCC ID: PD97260HU, IC: 1000M 7260H, Model 7260HMW BN, Intel Wireless-N 7260 and I read in official datasheet from Intel that this in fact this Model 7260HMW BN is a Dual Band adapter 2x2 but it only mentions 2.4Ghz, no "5Ghz" anywhere in datasheet BUT I SWEAR I WAS CONNECTED TO A 5G NETWORK!


(ALSO, When I put serial code of my laptop in lenovo support page, it shows device specs, wireless adapter "Intel 802.11ac abgn" which is the 5G compatible) [BUT THIS IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED because I have changed the board of this laptop so serial n changed, also changed Palmrest which is where S/N sticker is below battery, so that changed too]


According to this Amazon listing


with same Model n°, it is "2x2" card

(This amazon listing says this is a "Generic" card? It has Intel Logo on top, doesn't show FCC ID. Label on mine is a bit different, has info on top with FCC ID: : PD97260HU and no Intel Logo anywhere.)


according to this website https://superuser.com/questions/323347/laptop-wireless-networking-options-1x1-vs-2x2

That means it's a/b/g/n/ 5Ghz


And I remember always being able to see the "normal" and the "5g" of all networks around me with this laptop. So wtf?


I read another post here someone saying 7260ac was showing as N7260 in device manager

Someone whose 5G disables after some time:


Tried disabling "allow windows to turn off device to save power", nothing. Changed power profiles Battery saver, max performance, tried with or without plug cord, nothing.


Who is wrong here? Me? Intel? The driver? The adapter's label? wtf?

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As this snippet shows, there are two products, 

Wireless-N 7260.jpg


So, either you have the single-band version or you have the dual-band version. If you have the dual-band version, the title (which is on the card itself) will include "dual-band". If you do not have the dual-band version, you simply aren't connecting to 5G.


While I am at it, when it says it supports 802.11AGN, this doesn't mean that it supports Wireless-AC; AC and A are NOT the same.


Hope this helps,



But according to the Intel datasheet the model Model 7260HMW BN is a dual band 2x2


Despite my label doesn't say "Dual Band". Although I know that datasheet doesn't mention 5G anywhere.

Sorry for not uploading before, this is my actual card inside my laptop.

Captura de pantalla (58).png


Even the website title of that Intel datasheet PDF is titled "Intel® Dual Band Wireless-N 7260 Product Brief", you ccan see the PDF file name in the URL it says "dual-band-wireless-n-7260-bgn-brief.pdf" at the end of URL.

(Although it doesn't say "dual band" anywhere inside the PDF but it does say 2x2)Captura de pantalla (60).pngCaptura de pantalla (61).png

Captura de pantalla (62).png

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2x2 is the TX/RX streams specification, which has nothing to do with the GHz band(s) supported.

7260HMW-BN is a single (2.4GHz) band Wireless-N WiFi device.


You have a single band device. You aren't going to connect to the 5GHz band. I am not sure what else to say.