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Authentication process to connect to the network has not been started

Hello I am using an HP NC6220, XP Sp3 with Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 2200BG Network Connection that came with the laptop. For the last couple of years everything worked great. Recently, my wireless connection disconnects frequently. When I open the Intel Proset Wifi software, it sees the network and at the top it says "authentication process to connect to the network has not been started". The only way to get it to re-connect is to either turn the radio button off and then on or manually disconnect and connect in the proset manager. It's pretty frustrating as this solution sometime will only work for a minute or 2 or occasionally for hours. There is no consistency with it. It actually happened twice while writing this post. It happens on different networks and the people around me are not having any issues which makes me think that it is specific to my computer. I have deleted and re-installed the drivers and ensured that Intel Pro/Wireless in on the latest version.

I googled this and found many people with the same issue but haven't found a solution. Any ideas?


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Community Manager

Thank you for your post. The troubleshooting you describe is actually all you can do; there are no settings that can cause this error message. The only thing you can try if you haven't already is to set the power options of your laptop for maximum performance, this to make sure that it will not turn off the adapter while the system is idle.

This wireless adapter is mature product, and its support ended in December 2009, the issue is that it may be beginning to fail. There are also no replacements for this adapter, (no miniPCI WiFi cards are manufactured anymore) you might need to look for an alternative solution like a USB wireless adapter.

Just in case see below the support page and drivers for this adapter:

Product support page:

Latest drivers: