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Bluetooth 4.0 LE (Low Energy/Smart) Drivers for Intel Centrino 6235 need fix



I recently bought a Bluetooth 4.0 LE mouse (Hewlett Packard Z8000 ). Upon pairing the mouse with different Intel PROSet Bluetooth Software versions I had issues. I tried 4 different

versions of the Bluetooth software. The results I obtained from the different Bluetooth Drivers is listed bellow:

version Date result

-------- ----------- -----------

BT_3.1.1311_s64 n/a after pairing mouse does not respond

BT_17.0.1401.03_s64 4/10/2014 mouse does not respond after turning mouse button from off to on


or waking computer from sleep

BT_17.0.1405.02_s64 6/30/2014 Can redetect mouse after wake up from sleep and turning on button


However, mouse does not respond after PC is rebooted

BT_17.1.1406.01_s64 7/30/2014 does not provide Bluetooth 4.0+HS, BT radio functionality, shown as generic under device manager


Mouse not discovered in pairing wizard.

My best result was obtained from Bluetooth version BT_17.0.1405.02_s64. But when I REBOOT the computer the mouse DOES NOT RESPOND even though it shows it appears in

Devices and Printers." The device appears as "authenticated" but is not functional when laptop is RESTARTED/shut down followed by turn on. I need to repair mouse every time I turn

laptop ON, which is unacceptable

The laptop I am trying to pair the mouse with is an HP Envy 3277NR and runs Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit SP! with all current updates installed. Can you please provide

in your future release a fully functional Bluetooth software that fully supports Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy devices/mouse.

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I just installed the latest Bluetooth Proset for the 6235 ver 17.1.1411.01

The results are very good when pairing with my Bluetooth 4.0 only mouse. I can reboot/shutdown windows 7and when login to windows again it detects the mouse!!!!

I am still testing but looks great so far. Thank you Muthu Kumar and all the other great people from Intel.

If I find any issues I will report them back, but so far so good!!!!!

UPDATE: I have been testing and so far no problems. I attached screen shots of device manager after installing the Bluetooth PROSet software.

Only notice that on device manager it doesn't say is Bluetooth 4.0 LE but is no big deal. I can confirm this works with my

Bluetooth 4.0 LE mouse (HP Z8000).

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UPDATE Continued: I included rest of attachments.

Rest of attachments

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Hi Jose5

very helpful post, but still can't connect my HPZ8000.

Here's my story.

I have Windows 7 Pro SP1 x64, downloaded the x64 drivers from HP website (from http://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/HP-Z8000-Bluetooth-Mouse/5382498/model/5382499# Z7_3054ICK0KGTE30AQO5O3KA30R1 this page, where it is clear that what you download and install as z8000 drivers are indeed z6000 drivers), the mouse was detected, correctly paired, but:

-it didn't work

-its icon, under "Devices", was more like a server than a mouse

Then I found your useful post, then from http://www.intel.com/support/it/wireless/wtech/proset-ws/sb/cs-034060.htm this page I downloaded the 17.1.1501.01 Proset drivers (Windows device manager shows a N 2230 card, and those seem to be the latest drivers for such card).

Updated, rebooted.


Now, under "Devices" I see no more the "server" icon.

So I went on to pair it again:

-on my laptop: Control Panel -> Hardware and sound -> Add bluetooth device

-on the mouse: Switch off -> remove batteries -> put batteries -> switch on -> click "connect" button

But it is not detected.

Maybe the mouse "thinks" it is "already paired" and there is some other procedure to put it in pairing mode again?

# Update: I noticed when I click "Connect" on mouse, the light on the top surface starts blinking. So I think the mouse is in "pairing mode" but still it's not detected in laptop's "Add BT device" window. BTW laptop is a Fujitsu Lifebook A Series and it has a "BT Smart Ready" sticker so I think it's compatible with z8000 (besides, it already paired at first).

I also notice I have the "Intel Bluetooth 17.x" package installed, but I don't have the "Wireless Proset" installed software you have.

Besides, in device manager I see a "Generic BT" instead of your neat "Intel BT" radio adapter.

I attach my screenshots.



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I was finally able to install my z8000 BT mouse on Win7Pro x64 SP1.

Trying to be helpful, I am going to write here how.

As I said in the previous post, reading Jose5 solution was very helpful and I assumed any driver from intel, newer than 17.1.1411.01, would do the job.

That's why I installed v17.1.1501.01.

The key here is: that assumption is wrong.

Newer intel drivers won't correctly detect my BT hardware, installing a "Generic Bluetooth Adapter". Than the z8000 mouse won't be detected at all.

Then I spent a few hours trying to figure out how to fix this "Generic Bluetooth Adapter" installation, without success. To be honest, successfully, but "unhelpfully" to the installation of z8000 mouse (the solution was: reinstall laptop's original BT drivers, /thread/76338 see here for details).

The conclusion has already been written by Jose5, and I stress it: AFAIK, the only intel Win7 bluetooth driver capable of installing z8000 mouse "as a mouse" (and not "as a server") is version 17.1.1411.01. Newer drivers (at least up to 17.1.1501.01) won't work.

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