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Bluetooth AX1675x poor range / distorted sound on short distance




I got 2 systems standing next to each other (15 cm, physically):


The first with Z490 board and AX201 finds many Bluetooth devices when searching devices for pairing, BT audio connections are clear and working range is normal.


The second with Z590 board and AX1675x. It barely finds any devices at all and when playing music to a BT headset the sound is as distorted as if I was 20 meters away and the connection was just about to break up. The range is poor, the quality a shame, although I am just 1 meter away from the PC tower at the same spot as when testing with Z490/AX201.


Could this - in any scenario - be related to software and not hardware? I am using the latest Intel BT drivers (BT-22.120.0-32-64UWD-Win10-Win11.exe), already did many uninstalls/reinstalls and cleaning of registry - the problems persist.

Is there any Linux Live CD supporting this BT chipset to check whether BT performance is as poor as on Windows 10 to pinpoint / narrow down the problem to the hardware?


Unfortunately the M2 WiFi card is installed beneath some kind of "armoring" on the AsRock PG Velocita Z590 board, so I cannot just replace the AX1675x to compare it.


If I can prove the hardware is not OK I can probably get a replacement for the mainboard, although I'd preferred to just replace the AX1675x.


Thanks in advance!

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Ok, dumb questions first. Are the antennas properly connected to the AX1675x. It doesn't sound like it.


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