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Bluetooth not showing up anywhere on Intel 8265 dual band pci-e adapter.


I just recently built a computer, and my motherboard didn't come with any kind of networking card, so I got the MSI Wireless-AC Intel 8265 PCI-E adapter chip thingy to use. The operating system is Windows 10, Popped it in, Wifi works great, but bluetooth doesn't show up anywhere. I downloaded all the drivers from your site and installed them, that changed nothing. I've also tried fiddling around a bit already and can't find anything. When I go to Device Manager, there is no category named Bluetooth (even when I go to View>show hidden devices. No hidden nothing) The card does appear under Network Adapters as, but I assume thats because its the wifi chip.

My motherboard is MSI z270 SLI with an I7 processor if that matters. Please help, this is really frustrating.

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Hello TarAlacrin,



While the wireless module on your Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265 adapter communicates through PCIe, the Bluetooth* Module can only work through USB. Because of this, your adapter should have an USB cable or a cable to be connected internally to your motherboard's USB header. For detailed instructions you may need to contact MSI*, as this can very depending on the hardware vendor.



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Hi, I came across this thread when my own Bluetooth mouse disconnected suddenly and I realised I couldn't find a way to turn on Bluetooth anywhere in my settings. It didn't show up as an option in the Action Centre and didn't come up as an on-off toggle on the Bluetooth & other devices settings. Maybe this will help anyone else in the future experiencing the same issues.


When the Bluetooth wasn't working, this toggle didn't even show up on Bluetooth & Other Devices Settings page.
Windows Start > Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & other devices


It also didn't show up on my action centre:
Start menu > Action centre and notifications icon (bottom right-hand corner)




I have the MSI HERALD-AC Intel AC 8265 WiFi Card (model number NIC-MSI-8265)

This is what I did to reset my Bluetooth on my windows device:

  1. Windows Start > Device Manager > Universal Serial Bus Controllers
  2. I noticed one of the USB devices was showing an error: "Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)"
  3. Uninstall the failed USB device. It will be reinstalled when you restart.
  4. turn off your computer, then turn it on again.
  5. The Bluetooth should be working again.


This was from this helpful article: https://softwarekeep.com/help-center/how-to-fix-device-descriptor-request-failed-unknown-usb-device-in-windows-10#:~:text=Method%203.%20Uninstall%20the%20USB%20Driver%20in%20Device%20Manager


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I had the same issue, and the problem was that the ThinkPad I bought came with the bluetooth disabled in its BIOS settings. All I had to do was to enable it in the BIOS.


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