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Bluetooth not showing up anywhere on Intel 8265 dual band pci-e adapter.

I just recently built a computer, and my motherboard didn't come with any kind of networking card, so I got the MSI Wireless-AC Intel 8265 PCI-E adapter chip thingy to use. The operating system is Windows 10, Popped it in, Wifi works great, but bluetooth doesn't show up anywhere. I downloaded all the drivers from your site and installed them, that changed nothing. I've also tried fiddling around a bit already and can't find anything. When I go to Device Manager, there is no category named Bluetooth (even when I go to View>show hidden devices. No hidden nothing) The card does appear under Network Adapters as, but I assume thats because its the wifi chip.

My motherboard is MSI z270 SLI with an I7 processor if that matters. Please help, this is really frustrating.

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Hello TarAlacrin,



While the wireless module on your Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265 adapter communicates through PCIe, the Bluetooth* Module can only work through USB. Because of this, your adapter should have an USB cable or a cable to be connected internally to your motherboard's USB header. For detailed instructions you may need to contact MSI*, as this can very depending on the hardware vendor.



Best regards,


Carlos A.