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Cannot upgrade Intel PRO Set software/driver

2008 Hi there

Can anyone help? I have a laptop running XP SP3 with a 2200BG wireless adapter. I still have the 2008 version of the Intel PRO Set 12.4.4, which currently has a 2007 version of the corresponding driver, version The problem is, on a number of occasions I have tried to update this software, as I have a feeling my wireless connection is not as reliable as it should be - it frequently has to disconnect and reconnect, and I've tried all other possibilities that might be relevant to fixing this issue. I ALWAYS make sure I make a backup image of the disk first though, because, EVERY time I try to update the Intel PRO Set software/driver, whatever order I do these, and whichever update method, the update always results in a corruption in a driver, very probably the wireless driver, that immediately stops XP with a BSOD, whether in Safe Mode or not, shortly after the desktop finished loading (i.e., when the Intel PRO Set software becomes active). In other words, it's a complete non-starter, I always have to restore from the last backup. This seems to me to indicate a severe corruption in the wireless driver, and I'm wondering if anybody else has information about how to fix this problem, or even if people have seen this sort of problem before?

Thanks very much


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Doesn't anybody have experience of similiar problems?

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