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Centrino 6205 Wireless for Desktop not Installing.

I know I replied in the other post. But I will put my problem up also.

Installed the card into a self built Desktop tower. Running an up to date installation of XP SP3.

AMD Athlon 64 x2 4400+

ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe M/B using an NFORCE 4 chipset.

2 GB Ram

150GB Hitachi SATA HD Windows 7 Install.

500GB Seagate SATA HD XP Install.

When you install the driver the system freezes, and hangs, when you restart the PC it hangs at the windows XP splash screen.

Booting the machine in safe mode enables you to disable the network card which then lets the system run up.

The card shows up as a network card in BIOS and in hardware before the drivers are installed. As soon as the driver is installed it correctly displays the network card. but as soon as you enable it the system freezes.

On a fresh windows 7 64 bit SP1 install the same happens using both the drive supplied on the disk and also the most recent driver. the same happens. But you can see that this happens when the network card moves from Other Devices to Network Adapters in device manager. Once restarted the card show up under network adapters with a warning triangle, and an error code 31.

I took he mini PCI-E card of it's interface card and put it in my laptop (Clevo P150HM) as I know the slot works on this. And exactly the same happened. The system froze as soon as the driver was installed.

I am guessing the card might be dead, as the same type of Network Adapter I installed into my wifes laptop worked fine. Unfortunately she will not let me take it apart again to get to it so I can test this theory out. And with the card I took out being a Broadcom Dell Wi-Fi card, the dell drivers will not work on a non dell machine, I did try this card but I no success and couldn't find any generic drivers.

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In your case the cause points to the wireless card itself. May I suggest taking it back to the place of purchase for a replacement? Perhaps they may also have the option to test it.

Otherwise, you may contact your Intel local support team in order to request a replacement. Contact information can be found below: