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Centrino 6230 W/ Bluetooth..Wifi issue using Win 7


I've recently installed a 6230 n (draft) card to my Asus X401A, to add Bluetooth (mine didn't come with BT). I'm running a recently installed Windows 7, with all patches up to date.

I've done some searches all over the Net and have come across some issues with this card, but not what I'm experiencing.

I deleted the old card and removed the drivers in preparation for installing the new card. I'm not a neophyte and have been working on PC's since the early "80's so I'm quite familiar with building my own computers.

With the new card in, I installed the drivers, everything went well. Bluetooth works just fine, in a lot of other posts, that was an issue. In the hardware manager, the wifi card shows up and everything looks like it should be working, it says that the device is working...but no wifi signals. When I run the Intel tools, it says that there is no compatible device. I had been running McAfee and Zone alarm, which i disabled before the install as I had seen instances of USB wifi devices not being recognised unless these were turned off. I have removed the drivers and all traces of the Intel software a couple of times with the same result.

I began to think that it may be a hardware compatibility issue with the mother board (it is running an Intel Processor). I did a boot to Ubuntu on a USB stick...it found both the Wifi adapter and the Bluetooth just fine and both work. This tells me that it must be something to do with Windows 7. My next step it to replace the hard drive and re-install Win 7 from scratch, to see if all goes well. I don't want to wipe the current SSD and start over if I don't have to as i've spent the last couple of weeks installing programs (nothing related to Wifi).

Has anyone else seen this sort of behaviour where the hardware manager says everything is fine, but anything else tells you that there is no Wifi adapter present? Is there something to reset all TCP/IP stacks ( I actually did try some commands that I came across on-line) with no luck.

Thanks for any tips, Lee

Update... I did a basic Win 7 install to another hard-drive, in the same machine. Just up to the pint where i could install the drivers for Wifi and Bluetooth. Well they both work just fine. So....I'm going to bite the bullet and blow away my current install on the SSD and re-do every thing. I wish i didn't have to, but I've come across a couple of others that have the same sort of issue but using different hardware, with no solutions provided. It is probably one simple tweak in the registry, but where to begin.

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Hi Lee J.

Note that because the system manufacturer needs to comply with a large set of FCC and IEEE regulations for all radio frequency devices installed in their system, they will make sure that no unauthorized devices of this type are installed.



Due to this, the laptop manufacturer is the only one that can help you with that and tell you which wireless cards can be installed in their laptop.

For more information you can check the following link:

http://www.intel.com/support/wireless/wlan/sb/CS-011644.htm http://www.intel.com/support/wireless/wlan/sb/CS-011644.htm

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Well...it wasn't the motherboard, or restriction of devices. As i had previously posted, it all worked just fine when i ran it from a USB stick version of Ubuntu, which, as far as I was concerned, eliminated the motherboard as an issue.

I re-installed windows 7 and all is well, everything works properly with the exception of the wireless status LED. It doesn't always show the correct status of the wireless services when first booted but does toggle off and on correctly later.. That is to be expected and i have no problem living with it.

It must have been something left over, in the registry, from the previous wireless card that had "confused' Windows (not hard to do sometimes). There had not been a lot on the PC as i had only installed Win 7 to the same drive.

I may pick up another card, if i see them for about the same price, and replace the B/G?N card in my HP Mini-110 netbook, at least it is a lot easier to get apart if it won't work.

Thanks anyway

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