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Centrino Advanced-N 6200 won´t connect to two different routers



Have a Toshiba TECRA S11 with a Centrino Advanced-N 6200 wireless card. Driver version is (latest). 802.1X is disabled. 802.11 mode is mixed b/n/g.

Routers: DLINK DIR615 and TP-LINK MR3420.

The following settings are the same for both routers:

Security mode: WPA2 Personal/AES/PSK.

Firewall: Turned off

MAC filtering: Turned off

IP filtering: Turned off

My problem is that when I turn on the laptop, it connects immediately to the DLINK router, but if I disconnect the session and try to reconnect, it never goes past the "waiting for network to be ready/acquiring IP address" stage. Obviously, the process eventually stops and the icon on the taskbar shows that the network has "limited connectivity".

I can try as many times as I want and the laptop will never reconnect - I have to turn it off and on to gain access to the router again.

I decided to try with a different router (the MR3420) and the results are exactly the same.

Tried with a different laptop (Lenovo) and I was able to connect and reconnect to both routers without problems.

For the sake of testing, I then disabled security on the DLINK router. Good workaround, as I was able to reconnect as many times as required, but obviously not a solution.

Disabled security on the TPLINK and didn´t have problems reconnecting either.

Next, I enabled tracing on the laptop. Below you will find a snippet from the WXCTrace.log:

[1844] 20:44:14:187: Plumbing down the current SSID => skip the DHCP lease releasing

[1844] 20:44:14:187: [LstSetSelectedConfig(0x000D99D0..)

[1844] 20:44:14:187: Encryption key present, but AuthMode (7) is SSNPSK

[1844] 20:44:14:187: [DevioSetIntfOIDs(0x000D99D0, 0x0104FCB8)

[1844] 20:44:14:187: [DevioSetEnumOID(0xf1750, 0xd010108, 1)

[1564] 20:44:14:187: [WZCSvcWMIHandler(0x00CE2EE0)

[1564] 20:44:14:187: [MemAlloc(254)=0x0353F678;0]

[1564] 20:44:14:187: WMI Notification GUID is not recognized

Will gladly post the rest of the log, and any other logs that could help solve my problem, but line # 4 on the WXCTrace called my attention. Far as I know, the system should be plumbing down the WPA key there, but instead, it indicates that AuthMode (7) is SSNPSK.

Not sure what Authmode (7) means (isn´t it related to 802.1X?), not sure why it´s set to SSNPSK and not sure why it appears to be an issue.

That part of the log, and the fact that turning security off on the routers eliminates the problem, makes me guess that the problem has to do with the security mode and the Centrino 6200, but I have no idea how to fix it.

Any information or suggestions you can provide will be much appreciated. Many thanks in advance for your help!


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On this case I suggest you to use the Windows Zero Configuration (WZC) so Windows* to manage the wireless connection in your laptop and test the system using that configuration, if the issue persist I suggest you to contact the system manufacturer for further assistance.