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Centrino advanced-N 6200 AGN wifi is not working on Windows 8

Hi everyone

I've got Sony Vaio VPCF11Z laptop with N 6200 on board. Recently I've upgraded to Windows 8 and my wifi is not active any more. I had to remove the old drivers prior to installation, but there are no new ones issued. My question, who's got the same problem and how it can be resolved. I would like also to ask Intel what are their projections on that, because as far as I know it is a quite common problem. Thank you

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Thank you for your post


As per the description of your issue, our best recommendation would be to uninstall the software and drivers for the wireless adapter and then try installing the latest driver version.


Please note that the latest version no longer uses the Intel(R) My WiFi technology; it uses the Intel® My WiFi Dashboard.


To do a clean install of the drivers and software see the following steps:


First download and save to your desktop the latest drivers and software package (file: Wireless_15.2.0_s32.exe)


Then download and save to your desktop the dashboard software: (file: Intel_My_WiFi_Dashboard_15.2.0_s32.msi)


1. Remove the Intel® PROSet software from Control Panel\ Control Panel home\ programs, 'uninstall a Program', check also for any other PROSet software and uninstall it too.

2. Go to 'Start' right-click on 'Computer' click on device manager (on the left panel) click on "Network Adapters"\Double-Click the adapter name\Drivers Tab and click on the "Uninstall" button if present.

3. Remove the Wireless folder found at C:\Users\YOUR_PROFILE_NAME\AppData\Roaming\Intel. (if you do not see the "AppData" folder you need to "unhide " it, pres 'alt' click on tools then 'folder options' in folder options click on 'view' then select "Show hidden files, folders and drives" then click ok )

4. Install the latest drivers. (Right-click on the icon of the driver, and click on "run as administrator", click next, then accept the agreement, select "Custom installation' make sure all the features are available, no red "X" marked)

5. Right-click on the icon of the Intel® My WiFi Dashboard and click on "run as administrator" to Install the dashboard.

I hope this helps

Community Manager

I'm also having this problem.

The system is a Sony Vaio VPCS13V9E running Windows 8 (x64 version).

With Windows 7 the system works fine but under Windows 8 the wireless connection is turned off and the Windows 8 switch under Wireless settings is greyed out.

The system has a hardware switch for radio on/off which can enable/disable the built in Centrino 6200 WLAN along with a Qualcomm WWAN and a Broadcom Bluetooth. The Hardware switch under windows 8 does turn both the Qualcomm and Broadcom devices on and off but has no effect on the Intel Centrino. I am using the latest Windows 8 driver and have tried other versions all to no avail.

Given the switch etc. works with the other two devices under windows 8 it does appaear to be a driver issue of some kind and must be caused by something specific to windows 8 since the system works correctly under windows 7. I've seen lots of other people are having issues similar to this although the problem can be worked around if the wireless switch is not hardware and instead can be controlled via key combination/software as in that case the Windows 8 software switch is not greyed out.

Something that may be noteworthy. As I already said the hardware switch does work for the qualcomm and broadcom devices, when the h/w switch is off both those devices disappear from installed devices list under device manager and they reappear when the switch is turned to on. The Centrino 6200 though is always listed under device manager even when the switch is in the off position.

Community Manager

I had the same problems, now i change the drivers (how strange) with an ols version and now i have no problem with my card, the system a Lenovo T410i works fine and quick.

Its very strange that the newest version gives a lot of problems.