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Centrino advanced-n 6205 wireless connection issues.

I'm having problems with my wireless connection on my new laptop.

My computer is an Acer 7750g-9810 with the Intel Centrino advanced-n 6205 wireless adapter.

I'm running Windows 7 64bit, with drivers.

What happens is that I have a connection that is working fine, then it will drop my internet access. It still says that I'm connected to the router, but I don't have internet and cannot access the router or anything on my home network. If I try to disable/enable the network adapter once this happens, the adapter stops responding and I have to reboot, usually having to do a hard reset. I've tried all the work-arounds listed on the support pages to no avail. Changing the power management settings didn't help. No activity show up in the event log.

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Community Manager

Thank you for your post.

Something you may try if you haven't already is testing the latest drivers' available from your laptop manufacturers website. If you currently have some generic ones installed make sure you delete those first. See the steps below

  1. First download and save to your desktop the latest drivers from your laptop manufacturer.
  2. Remove the Intel® PROSet software from Control Panel\ Control Panel home\ programs, 'uninstall a Program'.
  3. Go to 'Start' right-click on 'Computer' click on device manager (on the left panel) click on "Network Adapters"\Double-Click the adapter name\Drivers Tab and click on the "Uninstall" button if present.
  4. Remove the Wireless folder found at C:\Users\YOUR_PROFILE_NAME\AppData\Roaming\Intel. (if you do not see the "AppData" folder you need to "unhide " it, pres 'alt' click on tools then 'folder options' in folder options click on 'view' then select "Show hidden files, folders and drives" then click ok )
  5. Install the latest drivers.

You want to install those driver not the generic ones from us since the ones from the laptop manufacturer have actually been tested by them with that system you have.

If this issue started recently then a system restore may help you also.

Also if you have always had this issue since you first got the laptop then you may want to check with the Acer if this is a known issue with that system.