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Consistent issues w/ Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 : No Real Resolution?




Our school recently purchased the Lenovo Yoga 20CD00CHUS for our faculty refresh and we're consistently receiving disconnects, terribly slow speeds, and trouble even connecting on our Wireless Access Points. [I am the network engineer for a school.] In our business environment we currently house a total of 130 access points and these APs are accessed 24/7 and allow students, faculty, and staff to connect to 3 VLANs via their PSK. After deploying 50 Yoga's with the above WiFi adapter we are receive sporatic/erratic connection and bandwidth issues since March of 2015. We have also deployed 150 Macbook Air's to faculty and they have had no issues with connectivity or speeds (our old Lenovo X120, X120e, and X201 Tablets have had no issue connecting as well- at this point we have users complaining about the connectivity and want their old machine back). The link provided below is the thread that was locked by Intel that talks about the AC-7260 and N-7260 adapters and I figured since no resolution was provided except workarounds that I have tried and may or may not actually provide assistance to us, we need this thread to be back up and continue collecting information.


You stated you need more information to study the environment and have every possible avenue before something can be built to resolve this issue, please PM me so we can exchange contact info and get this ball on the road!!


You said to update the firmware router, turn off the Bluetooth Radio: we have done this and nothing has changed for the better.

I have even configured the adapters to only pull the 5 GHz band and turned off the power management for the device to go to sleep when possible and although speeds increase, in the long run I shouldn't have to adjust power settings or band preference- It should just work. In the many years of working in this field I have never had to adjust power or adapter settings to get connected to the internet and stay connected. Honestly, I can't think of any other issue I have had with Intel (because honestly there hasn't been or one that I can recall).

Please let's move forward together on this and exchange information so we can work towards a definite resolution.


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Hello itastalion,

Please check your private at your earliest convenience. We will need more details on this issue to help you with it.