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Dell Centrino Advanced N6200 Wont Start

Hi. I have a Dell XPS L15 L502X, that came with the Centrino N-1000 Wireless Adapter. After realizing this is only single band and I wanted to take advantage of my Netgear N600 dual band router, I ordered the Centrino advanced N 6200 mini card. After installing it, the system did find the card but device manager came back with a code 10 error. After doing some reading, determined that it most likely is a drvier issue. Loaded virtually every driver available but the same result occurred where the card would not start. The common comments that I could find is the version 13.5 is the correct driver but same result. Tried both the Intel and Dell drivers with same dismal results. I bought the 6200 card off of Ebay which might be the problem and I am not sure if it has to be a Dell certified card or just an Intel card. Pretty much at a loss so I reinstalled the original N-1000 card just to keep running. Anyone have any ideas on this one. Thank you in advance for any direction you can provide.

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Thank you for your post.

The issue is since these components (wireless, Bluetooth, WiMax and other radio frequency devices) need to be customized to make sure the system complies and stays compliant with all FCC and IEEE regulations, we actually cannot recommend, encourage or support the installation/upgrade of wireless adapters performed by anyone but the laptop manufacturer. See Intel's position in regards to this at the link below:


A code 10 error just means that the drivers could not install so indeed you are correct in suspecting a driver issue, the driver issue is raised because the Operating System will not report this adapter as a validated adapter by the computer manufacturer it may even be an already customized adapter for a different laptop. In your situation we would recommend strongly to return the device to the place of purchase, and inquire with Dell* if they can send you a certified adapter.