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Dual Band AC 7260 causes Problem in N Network


I've got some problems with the DualBand AC 7260 adapter in my T440p and hope that someone here is able to help:

1. Network connection repeatedly is breaking down after some time > "default gateway not found"


>> After reseting the connection everything works fine unitl the next breakdown.


Any Ideas? Maybe related to the network mode?

2. Device Manager / AC7260 / Advanced Settings only shows following options:


802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802,11b/g, 802.11a/g, 802.11a/b/g


>> Shouldn't there be an "ac" option?


>> What about 802.11n support? Is "ac" n-compatible?


- Lenovo T440p, Win 7 x64

- DualBand AC 7260, Driver, HardwareID: PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_08B2&SUBSYS_C2708086

- AP: TCom w722v, Mode: 802.11b+g+n

thanks in advance,

bg tc

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Got the info from this forum:



The problem is the newer Intel drivers, as many have pointed out.


Now to those remaining, take the steps that intel techs pointed out months ago, which involves:


* removing all intel network software from your 'add/remove applications"


* rolling back your driver version. This is done by going uninstall driver in device manager and choosing 'also remove software' tick box.


* Rescan again so it shows again, then repeat, and repeat, and repeat, till you get sick of repeating!


* Use CCleaner and clean your registry of any shit leftover, use windows disk cleanup etc. (good practise)


* Rescan till nothing shows, restart, repeat.. (now they didn't tell you about this repeating! hehe)


* Most of those who are onto it, won't have to repeat so much, but if you have been stuffing around trying to fix this, then there is a lot of rubbish to clean.


* Reboot


* It will reinstall it, check the version, is it the MS version? We are looking for version: or simular 17x version.


Now you check your wifi, and it should be mint.


Now to stop Windows Update reinstalling the shitest driver from intel again, you can google this:



To anyone still having disconnect issues with the ac-7260 module, please try falling back on the driver version. Doing so has worked for many, including myself.


You can get drivers from Microsoft (Update catalog) here: Try drivers prior to 18.33.x.x.


If it works for you, please leave a comment here so others will know.