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Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265 Slow Speed


I've read through many of the posts to this community and tried many of the "fixes" mentioned including clean installation, checking the antennas, simple update from both Intel and Dell. The laptop with the issue is a Dell Latitude 5590. I'm able to connect to the same wireless network with a different laptop, a Dell Latitude 5501, in the same room in my house. I need suggestions for a replacement for this card as it's clear to me through simple Google searches that this card is flawed in some way. I can do the work myself, just need to know which card I can use.

If someone has some other suggestions I'm happy to try them. This is extremely frustrating.

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moverholt, Thank you for posting in the Intel® Communities Support.

In reference to this scenario, just to let you know, when you install the wireless card on a laptop that is what is called "Wireless Integration", and the thing about that process is that there are a lot of components that come into play, like for example: board, Wireless card, drivers, PCI adapters, antennas, m.2 ports, all those parts need to be fully compatible for the proper functionality of the Wireless connection. There is also regulatory information about the "Wireless Integration" that you can verify in the following links:



So, regarding your question about replacing the Wireless Card, what we recommend will be to get in contact directly with Dell for them to provide a list of Wireless cards that will be fully compatible with their system, board and BIOS, then you can select one from that list in order to replace it. Additionally, it is important to check with them if this will have an impact on the warranty of the laptop, most of the times they do not recommend to open the device, you can also verify if they can install it for you as well:


Any questions, please let me know.


Albert R.

Intel Customer Support Technician

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