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[FIXED]Intel 9260, Bluetooth randomly freeze


Hello, I installed a brand new Intel 9260 chip into GA-H110N , clean installation of windows and of the Intel 9260 driver, downloaded directly from the Intel site.


I have a really annoying problem, without any issue, different times per day, the Bluetooth just freeze (disconnecting all the devices), the pc stops to receive responses signal from them, while the wifi continues to work as usual. 


In Order to gain access again to my Bluetooth devices, what I have to do, is to search for "Bluetooth settings" and open the settings' page, as soon as the page is open (or closed sometimes), the pc starts to receive again the devices responses.


I already tried to reinstall all the driver, I don't know what else to do, the problem is really annoying because I have a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.




[EDIT]: Problem was fixed by switching off in, advanced power saving, the pci express power save mode

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