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How to turn off connecting to any open wifi network while saved network unavailable


My computer:

- Windows 8 (regularly updated)

- WiFi card: Intel Centrino Advanced N 6205 (latest drivers)

My probllem is that the computer, when can't find any previously saved wireless network, automatically tries to connect to any available open network.

Anyone has any idea how to turn off this option?

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Hello Rstr, the first thing we would like to know is if the issue happens when Windows* Wireless Zero Configuration manages the WiFi connection or is it the Intel® Proset Software?

I believe this is a Windows* 8 issue I saw before /thread/42524 here, the suggestion will be to make sure you use Intel® Proset Software to manage the wireless connection.

In case you only have the Intel® driver and not the Intel® Proset Software you may download the full size package from this page: http://www.intel.com/support/wireless/wtech/proset-ws/sb/CS-034041.htm Intel� PROSet/Wireless Software; Intel� PROSet/ Wireless Software Downloads

If you already have it installed just go ahead and right click on the Intel® ProSet icon from the taskbar (system tray) and choose Enable WiFi Control.

The Intel® ProSet Software window shows the same option by clicking on Advanced. If it actually says Use Windows to Manage WiFi then you are already using Intel® ProSet.

Please let us know about your result.


Hi Joe,

Thanks for help. I'm actually not sure which software manages that connection. It's because normally I use Windows wizard, but when that particular situation happens, the Intel PROSet window is displayed in the right-bottom corner with the message more or less 'You have successfully connected to the mobile hotspot'.

Although I've checked and there is no such Intel PROSet icon in the systray, nor I can find it in the Menu Start.

What is the default path to that tool?


From the Start button: All Programs, Intel PROSet Wireless, WiFi Connection Utility.

In case it is not there you may try uninstalling the driver and installing the full version as described above.