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Intel 2230 N connects at 150Mbps, but changing settings and it connects at 300Mbps

New Dell XPS 8500. Originally had a Dell Wireles-N 1703, but it never connected at more than 150Mbps. Support thought the card would not do better in N, so they sent an Intel Centreno Wireless-N 2230.

That too only connected at 150Mbps. However, after playing with some Intel settings, specifically the BAND SELECTION under the INTEL CONNECTIONS in the NETWORK CONNECTION properties it shows a 300Mbps connection. Great. However, on the next boot it still comes up at 150Mbps. That same setting I changed to get to 300Mbps is showing as checked, so it was retained. All I need do is switch from MIXED to 2.4Ghz or the other way around depending on the last setting and it again connects at 300Mbps. Very confusing?

Some pictures.

Original 150Mbps after boot...

What I then change :

Press OK, everything closes and the connection reconnects, at 300Mbps

Stays like this until the next boot (either power off and on or a restart). Then it is back to 150Mbps.

Any ideas or suggestions? I'm running under the Dell drivers for the device. When using the latest Intel ones I can only connect at 144Mbps?

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Community Manager

Here are some recommended settings and article numbers that might want to take into consideration on this case:

What are the recommended settings for 802.11n connectivity?

What are the different Wi-Fi protocols (802.11a,b,g,n) and data rates?

Data rate will not exceed 54 Mbps when WEP or TKIP encryption is configured

If the issue persist I suggest you to contact the system manufacturer for further assistance.