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Intel 6205 and windows 7


Cannot get wireless to work on a HP laptop with the intel 6205 wireless adaptor and Windows 7. The installed drivers do not have the option to select cisco leap as authentication which our network requires . Whats the workaround or what drivers or intel proset program should be downloaded . Have tried the latest for this adaptor and it still doesn't seem to support cisco leap .
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The option can be selected by creating a new profile from Intel® Proset or Windows*. If you go with Intel® Proset just go to Profiles, Add, fill in the blanks and go to Security Settings so you can choose Enterprise Security. Make sure you choose an enterprise security.

In Windows* you will see a Security tab in the profile, additional options will also appear once you choose an enterprise security type. Intel� Wi-Fi Products; User Guide: Intel� PROSet/Wireless WiFi v13.0 (PDF)

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