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Intel 6230 & Windows 8 - Poor performance on AC power?

Hey folks,

I have an ASUS VivoBook S400CA, in which I've recently replaced the stock Atheos card with an Intel Advanced-N 6230.

I've noticed some odd behaviour. On battery power, the card works perfectly -- high speed, very low latency, no connectivity issues.

However, on AC power, I have sometimes major connection issues: I'm on Bell's Fibe 25/10mbit connection, and get full-speed results when I do a SpeedTest while on battery power. On AC power, it's very choppy and tends to max out around 6/4mbit. I also have trouble loading websites, and other network-related services will tend to be laggy/broken.

It doesn't completely disable network connectivity being on AC power, but reliability and speed is significantly reduced. This seems to be almost exactly the opposite of what some users have reported with older drivers while on battery power. Any ideas why or how I would be having great results on battery power but poor results on AC power?

I've tried playing with Power Management settings, tried duplicating the power state between AC and Battery power, and still seem to get the same results. I am stumped.

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Community Manager

Thank you for your post.

Indeed the description of the issue is not listed as any known or reported issue. The only part you can check is the poser management settings for wireless and the PCIe slots which are the ones that would interfere with the network adapter.


The issue is since these components (wireless, Bluetooth, WiMax and other radio frequency devices) need to be customized to make sure the system complies and stays compliant with all FCC and IEEE regulations, we actually cannot not recommend, encourage or support the installation/upgrade of wireless adapters performed by anyone but the laptop manufacturer. See Intel's position in regards to this at the link below: