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Intel 7260HMW AC overheat and error 43

so i bought an Intel 7260HMW AN dual band with bluetooth in the mini PCIe format for my emachines laptop.

first time i turn on laptop they dont post, nothing. i search the web and in some site i see one user saying that if go to bios and disable usb legacy make the card work.

after removing the card, disable usb legacy and put the card again, installing the drivers (or i already have them installed i dont remember) the card works flawless, perfect wifi, perfect bluetooth reception and etc...

work for 5 to 6 hours in that day,

next day i made an update to my laptop by changing the CPU/processor, all the same just the cpu is different.

but when pc boots, i dont see neighter wireless networks or bluetooth icon anywhere, just going to device manager and dont find bluetooth or wireless card in there, all i see is an error.

the error is: "Unknown USB Device" and when open that problematic device in detail give an error 43 - the device manager detected an issue and disable this device error 43 (or something like that).

well, i just remove the card, but while doing that when touching the card i feel it really really really hot, almost impossible to touch.

i dont know what happen to the card since they work fine the first day.

then i put my original wifi card and the original one works fine, no trouble at all.

try everything to get around this but no solution, even try the discharge residual power from laptop holding the power button without ac or battery thing, even...the card always give the error 43 related to USB unknown device. 

Neighter having bluetooth or wireless working, i re-install windows 10, flashed bios again and again...

one thing i notice is when the card working, the laptop only post when usb legacy is disable, now with the card in, even with usb legacy enable or disable the laptop post anyway.

wich leaves me to this questionn: have the card just die? why the card is overheating and give the error 43?? or the error 43 is related to overheat i am experiencing in the card?? - i think not related cause when i boot the laptop with the card in, going into bios and keep in there for no matter what time, the card overheats anyway,

need help, i am loving this card the first day, the bluetooth audio is amazing and wireless reception too...i dont know whats wrong...heeeeelp!

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Hello dre707ferreira,


Thank you for posting on the Intel® communities.

When it comes to laptops you need to take into account that before completing any integration (which is changing the original component for a different one ) you need to make sure the laptop manufacturer approves that change since we can’t guarantee compatibility on a system that was customized to work with something else. What we recommend you do will be to check the following information when you have the time and to contact your laptop manufacturer so they can provide further advice.

An Error Code 43 can be caused by hardware problems, drivers, or settings corruption. In case you want to try, we do have generic Wireless and Bluetooth drivers that you can use to test if the adapter can work with them; however, since the laptop is a customized system, we cannot guarantee their functionality.






  • After you download all the files, disconnect from the internet so the operating system doesn’t trigger an automatic update while you are following the instructions.
  • For the Bluetooth, complete a removal first and then you can continue with an installation.


In case that the issue persists after completing a clean installation of both drivers please get in touch with your laptop manufacturer to receive further advice in regards to the adapter's integration and overheating.




Victor G.

Intel Technical Support Technician 


I already done this, trust me...i try everything most common issue solving including the fresh install Windows and drivers too, dont work.

I dont belive is a manufacture/brand issue cause as i said, the card work fine on the day i get it.

They only stop working after an CPU change.

Well, i think i will try on another PC and see what happen.

But if someone have some lights on it, just tell me. Other than this kind of stuff, i am done os doing fresh installs and drivers install/uninstalls.

Hello dre707ferreira,


Thank you for your response.

We don’t support integrations that are not fully validated and diagnosed by the original manufacturer of the laptop, as we were discussing, we can’t guarantee full functionality and performance and, we are aware that it did work before but, laptop components are not meant to be interchangeable unless the OEM approves the change; therefore, the next step for you will be to check if the manufacturer approves this integration and, if they do approve it they should be able to provide further instructions to successfully address this issue.

From our end we don’t have any further recommendations; consequently, this thread will be closed, please contact your laptop manufacturer.




Victor G.

Intel Technical Support Technician