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Intel 9560 160Mhz


Ok so I have 4 Lenovo M920q's all with the 9560 wifi and Bluetooth card and each one has the same problem. I did a clean install of Win 10 with the latest Win 10 I believe is 2004. Well after the install the wifi in it will connect the first time when setting up the computer but after you restart it after installing all device drivers the wifi no longer connects.

Each computer says the same exact thing when trying to connect. It will either say the wifi password is incorrect which it isn't or it will say "Some information changed since the last time you connected".

I have tried removing the drivers and reinstall using the latest drivers from Intel and Lenovo. Winsock reset. 

The bluetooth part of it works fine as I can connect to wifi via bluetooth. Has anyone else figured out a solution to this or is this a widespread issue with the 9560 card?

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Since your card is provided by an OEM and thus could have custom firmware, you should be using only the drivers provided by this OEM. Do not use any of the generic driver packages from the Intel site unless specifically told that you can by your OEM.



When I download them they both have the same name to the .exe file. Would it still have custom firmware despite having the same name?

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Yes, they could still be modified. A binary comparison will tell you if they have or not.