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Intel AC-6135 Wireless very slow after Windows updates




I've had problems with network performance since September / October (2022) with my AC-6135 wireless card.

Connecting to various websites is extremely slow. It *appears* to be affecting HTTPS connections no matter which browser type I try.

The card was working absolutely fine until around September / October 2022. As far I can tell this occurred after a series of Windows updates were installed.

I've tried the various solutions mentioned on these forums but nothing seems to fix this issue:

 - I've uninstalled the Wifi driver and related Bluetooth driver, including device files, using the instructions on these forums.

- I've installed the latest Wifi and Bluetooth driver from the Intel website.

- When I connect from this laptop using a wired (UTP) connection I don't see a problem so it doesn't seem to be an issue with the general Windows network stack.

- All other laptops and other network device, e.g. smartphone, connecting to the same network, are NOT affected.

- No changes have been made to my router or LAN configuration.

Attached is the latest SSU report.

Can anyone see what the problem is please?





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I always thought the 3160/3165/3168 were poor performance anyway, even at the best of times.

You can always upgrade to Intel's Wifi 6 Wireless-AX AX200 (or WiFi 6e Wireless-AX AX210) for ~US$20. See here (or here).


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