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Intel AC 9560 No Longer Functions - tried all the options suggested


I have a code 10 error that none of the suggestion options on this board have resolved.

The systems informs me I have the most current driver, but even if there are more current drivers I can't get them as the computer only has wireless internet access and does not have a network connection port.

I have disabled it and then re-enabled it.

I have uninstalled it, including delete the software driver for this device and then hard booted my computer.

Even though the driver is re-installed, I still am getting code 10 errors.  The computer has a sealed battery, I can't take it out.

Any other options or is the computer junk now as it is useless if I can't use it wirelessly.

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Hi Dolby10000

Would you please document the type of laptop, the OS and what revision level the OS is? What type of wireless network are you trying to connect to?



I have a Dell Inspiron 7586.  I'm running Windows 10 , version 1909.

I have a Spectrum wireless router operating on 5G.  I have been connecting to it successfully for well over a year and have made no changes to it.  My other computers continue to connect without issue,


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I looked and it appears the Dell 7586 has a BIOS/firmware update dated August of 2020. It might be useful to apply the firmware update to see if that puts anything right with the hardware. I would also use the laptop tag to search the Dell website for a driver that is specific to the hardware. Many times a manufacturer will have a special driver for the hardware in their systems.

Another thing to do is reset the network stack in the OS. The NETSH commands (run from a CMD prompt with Admin privileges) can reset the network stack back to factory default and remove or undo anything that might have happened to prevent the network stack from operating properly. I would use the following:

netsh interface ipv4 reset

netsh interface ipv6 reset

netsh interface tcp reset