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Intel AX210 5Ghz wifi very slow connection when activating HDR


Hello there,


I have recently installed this wifi network card : Ubit Carte WiFi 5400 Mbps PCI-E Intel WiFi 6e (6Ghz, 5Ghz, 2.4Ghz) Bluetooth 5.2 | MU-MIMO | OFDMA 160MHz | Ultra-Faible Latence | Compatibilité Win 10/11 64bit : Amazon.fr: Informatique which is based on Intel AX210.


This card worked fine, until I decided to buy a new screen, and activated HDR. When I activate HDR in windows settings, my connection speed drops significantly (i am even unable to load a basic internet page most of the time), and the only way to be able to have a decent wifi connection is to desactivate HDR. 

This issue only happen when I am connected to a 5Ghz network (whether it's n or ac). When i am connected to a 2.4Ghz wifi, activating or desactivating HDR has no impact on wifi performance. 


In >10 years in IT, that is the weirdest bug i've seen, since wifi and HDR appears as two completely distinct features for me... It took me two days to discover, by accident, that the decrease of the wifi performance was linked to the HDR setting (I only powered on my second screen, who doesn't support HDR, and decided to test the 5Ghz network, which worked well, but stopped working as soon as I powered on my second screen, on which HDR is activated).  


If anyone can help me make sense of this, that would be very helpful!

Thanks a lot in advance for your help!



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Contact ubit and ask them to support their card.


Doc (not an Intel employee or contractor)
[Maybe Windows 12 will be better]

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