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Intel Advanced-N 6200 AGN won't connect -- Continually Cycles WiFi connection

I just bought a new HP envy 14 with the above mentioned wireless card. My computer connects fine at home but when I take it to work the wireless continually cycles. It will say connected them immediately disconnect and attempt to connect again. If I try to 'diagnose' the problem I get varrying reasons... The computer will report 'DNS not available' or 'Unable to obtain IP address' (or there abouts). If it makes a difference I can try to get the actual error reason that is displayed. I am running Windows 7 - 64-Bit, with Driver Version (1/19/2011).

Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Community Manager

Im a Tech guy and I cant believe this is happening! I too have been pulling my hair out attempting to get my HP 8440p Elitebook running Windows 7 Ultimate - 64-Bit with a /message/122954# 122954 Intel Advanced-N 6200 AGN to connect to my wireless network. Have followed every option from HP and on here to a 'T', 4 different paths to different drivers for the same device, all install flawlessly but as soon as I attempt to connect, cycles 5 times and indicates cannot connect to network. I have 3 other laptops/devices that work without issues under any settings I configure my router (WNR3500- running WPA2-PSK/aes) for and this card won't connect to anything. I've adhered to all the references about power settings, uninstalled/reinstalled, reconfigured, every post i've found on this site has yet to produce any results that even provide a glimmer of hope. Lots of issues being posted, but not a lot of results, Thanks in advance for anyone who happens to stumble here,