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Intel Centrino 6200n and MWT...


After reading through multiple other topics in this forum I haven't seen any that are exactly like my problem.

First off I'm running Win7 Home x64 and had the intel proset/wireless and mywifi technology software installed (OEM). As of about 6 months ago this software operated as designed. Just the other day I was attending a class and attempted to connect to the on site wifi (only allows one device per sign in) and share my connection to my smartphone I noticed the green enable button would turn grey when I clicked it and a few seconds later would turn green enable again. I double checked various settings but nothing was different that it was before.

After doing some research I discovered that software updates have now included the mywifi tech along with the proset wireless software/drivers. I went ahead and updated to the new software. The new software loaded up fine, no issues with the full version of wifi dashboard not loading. Was able to turn on wifi direct and hotspot features with no error messages, however my hotspot SSID was not being broadcast at all. I tinkered with various settings and tore through multiple topics discussing this as well with no luck. Ultimately I reverted back to the older version of proset and mywifi tech software and drivers and I'm back to the original problem. Once I got home I did connect to a wired connection and it would enable no problem and broadcast as a hotspot as designed. Tested again in class the next day and same issue as before... click enable green, grey for a few seconds, back to enable green. I don't know if its a software issue, driver issue, or a hardware issue. Seems as though my wireless adapters are clashing with each other but I get no errors on device manager.

Has anybody else had these particular issues and found any other way to solve them?

I kept original setup files and drivers for both the original version and the updated version in the event I need to upgrade/downgrade again, but neither of these work for me as of right now...

Thanks in advance for anybody that can help.

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I have the same problem, in "Intel my WiFi technology" I click to enable, but it does not get enabled!

is there any one who can help?


It looks like a particular issue with such connection because it works with your home connection. At this time it is difficult to know the reason why it does not work there but it may help to contact the network administrator.

Intel® My WiFi Technology has been replaced by Intel® My WiFi Dashboard and the best advice to get it working is to completely uninstall previous versions of Intel® Proset from Programs and Features and the wireless driver from device manager before installing the new version.

When installing the new version of Intel® Proset we suggest selecting custom install, just to verify IMWT component is marked for installation; then you may install Intel® My WiFi Dashboard. System restarts are recommended after every change. Please bear in mind that only the wireless connection will be shared.


Hi again,

I have installed Intel My WiFi Dashboard and the relative version of Intel Proset successfully, it seems to be the full version of Intel My WiFi Dashboard and all the features are available but there is still a problem. Actually when I wanted to share my laptop internet with my phone through Hotspot, at first the phone connected to the WiFi Hotspot well but after couple of seconds the connection dropped off and my phone got disconnected, I repeated this process several times but the same thing happened and every time the connection dropped off after a few seconds, so I could not be able connect my phone through Hotspot. I could not understand what is wrong with Intel My WiFi Dashboard that makes this happen!!

Thanks in advance for helping.

P.S. I have Intel(R) Centrino(R) Wireless-N 1030, and I used to share internet with my phone by Intel My WiFi Technology before.