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Intel Centrino 6230 Dual Wifi Issue



I recentrly bought a new Laptop from Dell with the following setup.

Dell XPS 15 (L502X).

Windows 7 Pro SP1 64-Bit

Intel Core I7 2760QM 2,40Ghz Processor.

8.00 GB System Ram.

Nvidia Geforce GT M540 with 2GB RAM.

Intel Centrino 6230 Advanced N Dual Wifi + Bluetooth.

I wish to use the Intel Centrino Chipset to make 2 seperate Wifi connections with 2 diffirent networks but i am not able todo it.

For some reason when i goto "change adapter settings" under networkcentre on the control panel is get 3 wireless adapters

One adapter is listed as Intel Centrino 6230 and 2 others are listed as "Microsoft Virtual Wifi Miniport".

No matter what i try i cannot get these Wifi mini ports to make a connection to a wifi network, and even when i try it switches back to the Centrino Adapter.

I though i would have 2 seperate 300N wireless adapters that could connect to 2 Full 300N at the same time but it seems it won't.

Does anyone have any Suggestions on how i can remove these Wifi miniports and get 2 Centrino Ports ?

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Community Manager

Hello Dennis, thank you for your post.


The Intel Centrino 6230 Advanced N wireless plus Bluetooth adapter is a Dual band, what this means is that it is capable of connecting to either the 2.4 GHz band or the 5 GHz band. You may only connect to one network at the time. This adapter is not capable of connecting to two separate wireless networks simultaneously (none of the Intel® adapters support this)


You cannot remove the Virtual ports as they are part of the wireless adapter so without using additional hardware, it is capable of connecting to wireless infrastructure and peer-to peer networks or being a wireless hot-spot.

Community Manager

I see...

Well dell lists it on their website as 2xB/G/N+Bluetooth

At least i now know why i was unable todo it