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Intel Centrino N-2230 - Wi-Fi data extraction

Dear Intel Community,

I'm trying to use Intel Centrino Wireless N2230 for a product development. I am trying to test ways to extract the wifi data from the mini PCIe to USB 2.0 because i don't have support of mini PCIe in my product and i would like to avoid designing a new circuit just to convert mini PCIe to USB 2.0. I noticed that the mini PCIe specs supports of 2 integrated USB 2.0 pins. I connected the USB+ and USB- pins on the card to the matching USB signal cables on a regular usb cable. I tried connecting the usb cable to my laptop's usb port and tried checking the device manager for identification. I'm using windows 7 and my pc only seems to recognize the bluetooth hardware on the card (windows is looking for the matching bluetooth driver) but does not seem to recognize the Wifi hardware. My ultimate goal is actually connecting it to a linux (debian) machine. I'm not sure at the moment if the problem is in the SW or the HW connections. I think that the software is not the problem in this case because my built in wifi card inside the laptop is the same and working just fine.

Perhaps the card's USB pins only transfer the Bluetooth data?

Any help is highly appreciated.

Thank you,

Roy Argaman

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Roy, thank you for posting.

I have sent you a private message.