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Intel Centrino wireless N130 will not connect with Creative D80

I have a problem,

I bought a mini pci express card for my laptop, the N130 ,

I installed it with the latest drivers.

everything is installed, that means, bluetooth and wifi.

I tried also olders drivers.

It recognizes sometimes my Creative D80 speakerset via Bluetooth,.

But when i try to pair it only finds it as Creative headset.

Then it wants to install drivers for it and says no drivers found.

I called Creative and they say you don't have to install drivers for it.

And they asked me if the card from Intel was A2DP (Wireless Stereo Bluetooth) compatible ?

I could not find it by the specs ?

I called Intel , and they also could not find the answer.

So is this card A2DP compatible ?

And can i get it to work with my creative D80 bluetooth speakerset ?

Would appreciate it when somebody knows the answer....

You can also email me.

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Community Manager

Thank you for your post. Note that the 1030 adapter does support A2DP.

Make sure that you have the latest drivers for all of your hardware. There are some additional settings in windows that will need to be setup:


After the device is paired and "working", you would need to go into control panel, and select Bluetooth Devices. From there, open the properties of the speakers, and make sure that every service is enabled. Once that is done it should work. If it doesn't, you can also try removing the device from within the Bluetooth panel, and then repair the device.


You may also need to manually set the audio output as Creative D80. This can be done in control panel under sound and audio devices section on your computer, select Creative D80 as your default output device after pairing is complete.


I hope this helps.

Community Manager

Dear Nathalie, I think something in the communication goes wrong. I have the N 130 not the 1030. Here is the link from the card i have. But thank you for your response, Arno (AWPC)